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Wheels & Castors

The Vartec Industrial team has years of experience and expertise in wheels and castors.
We are dedicated to providing you with high quality wheels and castors
that meet your standards, requirement and needs.

LR Range

Rubber Castors

LP Range

Polyurethane Castors

WR Range

TPR Castors

LB Range

Low Barymetric Castors

PC Range

Pneumatic Castors

BR Range

Rubber Castors

WB Range

Blue Elastic Rubber Castors

WN Range

Nylon Castors

CI Range

Cast Iron Castors

PU Range

Polyurethane on Plastic Castors

NU Range

Nylon Castors

AU Range

Polyurethane on Aluminium Castors

UC Range

Polyurethane on Cast Iron Castors

US Range

Polyurethane on Steel Castors

HT Range

High Temperature Castors

SN Range

Stainless Nylon Castors

ST Range

Stainless TPR Castors

SH Range

Stainless Heavy Duty Castors

More Products

Tube Expanders for Castors

Long Thread Tube Ends for Castors


Nut Tube Ends for Ajustafoot



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